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Hey! We are Rumble. And we convert steps into money.

With Rumble, you can save and earn money, spendable at hundreds of businesses!

The healthier you are, the more coins you receive, the more money you earn!

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Live a healthy and active lifestyle


Convert your steps into health coins

Purchase unique products, benefits and services at hundreds of shops and websites

It pays to be healthy

With rumble, we will transform your health metrics to money!

The more healthier you are?

The more money you will make!

Ready Set Go

Have a question? We are here to answer!

Our support team will be happy to answer and help.

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The reason we are here

UVTAL health Ltd is named after Yuval (Yuvi) Dagan and Tal Yifrach, who were killed in battle during operation “Tzuk Eitan” (protective edge) in the summer of 2014


We hope that with Rumble we can help create a healthier and more active country where citizens, residents and visitors will be able to profit from the most basic physical activity - walking

tal yifrach
yuval dagan

From left to right: Tal Yifrach, Yuval (Yuvi) Dagan

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Businesses also earn!

Business owners? Know businesses that want to join the health revolution and enjoy over 150,000 new customers, talk to us!

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